June 17, 2011

I Remember

In honor of Fathers Day I wanted to share the first poem I wrote after my father passed away.


I remember the laughter
I remember the tears
I remember the surprises
I remember the fears

I remember the good times
can't forget the bad
I remember when you got sick
and all the guilt I had

I remember you being by my side
when I didn't feel well
And how you cleaned my scrapes
every time I fell

I remember walking on the beach
when things got a little rough
And now I know I must be strong
and as you said "Be Tough"

I remember the day that you left me
That day in January
But I want YOU to remember
I'll always be your little Karrie

I remember you as being here
and not as being gone
Forever and always
Your memory will live on

-April 21, 1997